Feb 1, 2000 - Atjeu Publishing launches FrontierTrails.com

     On February 1, 2000, Atjeu Publishing launched its new web site entitled FrontierTrails.com. AtJeu Publishing has a great track record of producing web sites that are more than just informative, they are an experience. "There are explorers out there surfing the web for excitement and that is what we are", says Todd Underwood, the president of the company.

     The new FrontierTrails.com web site features five sections: Adventure Stories, The Old West, Ghost Towns, Early America, and Space Exploration. The Staff at Atjeu Publishing realized that there was a need to step out beyond the borders of Ghosttowns.com, which is currently getting 1.5 million hits/month, and expand to a much broader scope. Ghosttowns.com will now be a daughter site of FrontierTrails.com. "We will continue with our commitment to preserve history" says Vice President Boris Vasilev "but we also want to blend the past with the present."

     The goal of the new FrontierTrails.com conglomerate is to allow the readers to relive moments and adventures in history. "We want our readers to feel as if they were actually there," says Todd Underwood. Each section of FrontierTrails.com will cover historical events from the first stage routes of the old west to the first time people decided to skydive with a snowboard attached to their feet. FrontierTrails.com is a great resource for history teachers and their students.

     FrontierTrails.com has a large selection of books & videos listed by category which will be available to the readers. FrontierTrails.com also has chat rooms, bulletin boards, news, classifieds and more. Another interesting aspect of this web site is that anyone can submit a story. If it meets our editors criteria and is chosen, that story will run on Frontiertrails.com. This allows the viewers to participate and be a part of the web site.

     If you are an outdoor person, a history buff, an extremist, have an adventure story to share, an off-road enthusiast, space crazy or anyone interested in the Old West, then WWW.FRONTIERTRAILS.COM is definitely worth checking into.

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Rich Rayls, Public Relations
3133 West Crest Ln
Phoenix AZ 85027
(623) 434-5294


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