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David A. Wright
of Great Basin Research

     David A. Wright is an established author of regional histories of California east of the Sierra and Nevada, with special emphasis on the Death Valley area. His published articles have appeared in such regional publications such as The Album, Western Places, the Inyo Register [Bishop, California] and on the Internet (Ghosttowns.com, Desertusa.com, Frontiertrails.com and more). David maintains Great Basin Research from his home in Big Pine, California, and his website can be found at Great Basin Research (see right).Contact David for any historical topic you want researched.

David A. Wright
At work in his office
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Great Basin research
...provides information and documentation for a variety of historical topics. These may include: Information, Photos, Period Newspaper Accounts, Documentation, Public Records of: Ghost Towns, Mines & Mining Equipment, Transportation (Roads, Highways, Railroads, Automobiles, and other forms of public and private transportation), People (We do not prepare genealogies, but we can research and locate information, documentation, vital statistics and public records for those whom you are seeking), Any historical topic you may have Contact us and we'll see what weI can do!
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